Colchester Castle Park

The weather was wonderful when we visited Castle Park.  We spent the afternoon admiring the wonderful flowers in the grounds as well as relaxing near the cafe where we sampled their lovely ice creams

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Red Nose Day

All members of staff, residents and relatives made a wonderful effort in the talent show which helped to raise funds for this worthy cause.  We had everything from singing to dancing and even a cooking demonstration!  The games afterwards were equally entertaining.  Many thanks to all those that participated

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ST Patrick’s Day

A traditional Irish recipe was used this afternoon to create a very tasty cheese and potato pie which also had bacon, leeks, double cream and onions incorporated into it.  The pie was topped with grated cheese and then put in the oven.  The end product was enjoyed by everyone at tea time and may become […]

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Pancake Day

Roger took over the controls on Pancake day after everyone else had helped to make the mixture.  Just like the year before, not one of the pancakes ended up on the floor or ceiling during the flipping process.

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Double Trouble

Double Trouble are a mother and daughter singing act which proved to be a real hit this afternoon.  As well as performing some very popular songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, they managed to get some of the staff and the residents up and dancing for some of the numbers

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Chinese New Year

There were some wonderful lanterns made to celebrate Chinese new year which after made decorated the dining room as well as some other communal areas.  While theses were being made, we sampled a number of different Chinese snacks which went down well.  We ended the afternoon by watching a spectacular Chinese acrobatic show that took […]

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Wednesday Art Club


Many thanks to Shirley and her craft club for visiting us and creating some wonderful cards with everyone.  Nice to see that this regular weekly event is proving to be so popular

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Christmas Day 2016

A very happy Christmas to everyone from Stanway Green Lodge!!!  We hope that your Christmas celebrations were as enjoyable as ours

Everyone listened to carols, pulled crackers, read out the jokes and then tucked into a wonderful lunch with all the trimmings. Once again, Merry Christmas to you all!

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Card Afternoon

Everyone enjoyed playing a relaxing game of cards this afternoon.  We started off with something fairly easy with a game called ‘Crazy Eights’ where the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.  This can only be done if you have the same suit or number.

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Poplar Garden Centre Christmas Display

It seems that this display get better and better every year.  This is our third year of visiting and we had to admire how much time and effort goes into creating this amazing Christmas spectacular.  It was wonderful to see all the xmas decorations and the fantastic lighting section all of which really got you […]

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